About Collett Creative


Michael James Collett and Rachel Willett specialise in Brand Identity Design, Website Design, Product Photography and Digital Marketing. We help businesses communicate more effectively with their customers through creating beautiful, strategic and crafted brand identities and websites.

So how did all this start?

With a passion for Brand Identity design, website design & product photography, We decided to start working together in April 2017.

We wanted to do something a little different and offer a design and photography service that would save time and money for our clients. Instead of customers going to various agencies to get what they needed if we could offer a unified service, clients would have just one place to go.

This approach does have some real-world design and production advantages. Having one team working in the same studio on all aspects of a project means a much smoother design process. It’s good for the client’s sanity, and ours come to mention it. Also, this approach leads to a much more unified and coherent finished design result, which is ideal for the project and its goals.

We treat our customers with the same mutual respect, understanding and consideration that they give to each other. We are here for our clients, to help and guide them, and that is always our motivation for doing what we do.

Michael’s Background

Study and Training

Michael started as a freelance graphic designer back in 2003 after studying graphic design at the prestigious Norwich University of the Arts.

“What was great about my course at Norwich was it was not just a study of graphic design but photography too. Back then, the internet was not around, so if you wanted images for your design projects, you had to get out there and shoot them yourself. Along with this having access to real darkrooms meant I could learn the skill and craft of photography”.

While studying at Norwich, Michael won a Starpack Award for a men’s cosmetic packaging design.

After graduating, Michael started his career in graphic design working at design agencies in London and locally but always kept his camera close.

“When I met Rachel, she was already photographing portraits and events. Her passion for photography fueled my passion for the medium, and I picked up my camera again. I was not particularly interested in portraits or weddings but had an instinct and a draw towards photographing products. I think it comes from my love of branding and packaging design, and there are a definite relationship and connection there between those two processes”.

Website Design

I built my first website back in 2003 after spending a considerable amount of time studying HTML (the language used to programme website pages). I instantly fell in love with the process and have been obsessed with website design ever since.

Our Focus

We decided we wanted the business of Collett Creative to focus on three distinct areas. Website Design, Brand Identity Design (including Graphic Design for Print) and Product Photography.

Rachel and Mike are very excited about the future of Collett Creative. Get in touch if you think we can help you.

As a front-end website developer with many years of coding experience and having built and worked with many off the shelf CMS systems such as WordPress, Joomla, ExpressionEngine, Squarespace and Shopify I am in a unique position to offer impartial advice to my clients.
— Michael James Collett
We are here for our clients, to help and guide them and that is always our motivation for doing what we do.
— Rachel Willett

If you would like to read more about the work we are doing right now head over to our blog.