AJB Joinery Website Design & Build

We have just completed this stunning new website for Allan John Ball of AJB Joinery Ltd.

Services Fulfilled

  • Website Design & Build
  • Custom Coded Squarespace Template
  • Logo Refresh
  • Colour Palette Creation
  • Photographic Art Direction
  • Photographic Editing and Retouching
  • Copywriting
  • Keyword Research and Onsite SEO
  • Business Card Design & Print
Image of the AJB Joinery Website Design on a desktop computer and iPad.


Allan approached us when he was having issues with the performance of his website.

After some initial investigation and examination, it became apparent that Allan's website was not appropriately describing or presenting the type of work and services he provides. The site was not communicating how Allan is different from other businesses offering less bespoke services, and this was confusing some website visitors which as a result meant his website was often attracting unsuitable leads.

Allan was also not in control of his website and its content, and we felt it was right to build a website for Allan that he could use as an active marketing tool for his business.


We began by going over Allan's analytics data before doing some keyword research and developing some customer avatars with Allan.

We then came up with a new website site map, keyword and basic SEO plan to get us started.


Allan had a company logo and a few colours that existed on his current website. Allan was concerned that his current logo was also confusing customers. He felt it gave the impression that his business was a more extensive operation than it was in reality. Allan felt that by creating a logo that included his name and not just the companies name, prospects would more easily understand that Allan is an individual joiner offering a very personal and bespoke service to his customers.

We redrew Allan's existing logo creating a round shaped logo that enabled us to add all the company information Allan wanted to display, including the word 'furniture' as Allan was keen to make sure it was clear to the viewer that this was a service Allan specialises in and offers. The logo also gave us a single flexible mark that Allan could use across all his social media channels.

AJB Joinery logo design before (left) and after (right).

AJB Joinery logo design before (left) and after (right).

We also created a positive and negative version of the new logo, so Allan had the flexibility to use his new logo on a full variety of marketing materials.

Positive and negative logo versions of the AJB Joinery logo design.

Positive and negative logo versions of the AJB Joinery logo design.

Colour Palette

While creating the logo we also created a small primary colour palette for Allan to use on his website and other marketing materials.

The AJB Joinery Colour Swatches (Hex Values) we created for the new website design.

The AJB Joinery Colour Swatches (Hex Values) we created for the new website design.


We selected a secondary script font to use in the new website design to add a more handmade feel to the look of the overall identity.

The design work we did on Allan's companies identity wasn't a new or complete brand identity design more of a polish and tidy-up to bring the current AJB Joinery identity more in line with Allan's target audience.

Image of the ‘Handmade in Suffolk’ script font for AJB Joinery Ltd website design.

Image of the ‘Handmade in Suffolk’ script font for AJB Joinery Ltd website design.


We worked with Allan to come up with a style and art direction for the website's photography. We planned shots of Allan working in his studio to portray particular pages of the site. We also proposed imagery to depict areas of Allan's business. Allan hired a photographer who is a friend of his to carry out the photo shoot and produce the images. With our instructions, Allan was able to direct and work with the photography to create the shots we needed for the website design.


Allan had prepared some copy for his pages. We went through this copy and edited and tidied it a little. We also developed some straplines and opening headlines that caught the personality of Allan's business as well as being keyword rich for search engines.

Website Build

We created some wireframes to map out some of the pages of the website and begin designing, building and coding the site directly in Squarespace.

Once we had decided on a design, we liked for the generic pages of the website we began working closely with Allan to design, build and populate the individual pages of the site.

Digital Marketing, SEO & Google

We created some page redirects so that Allan's site would continue to be found by people using search engines.

We assisted Allan via a Zoom meeting to submit a new website sitemap to Google Search Console.


Allan now has a website optimised for his target audience and a site that he can develop and build upon as his business and marketing strategies develop.

Image of the AJB Joinery website homepage at time of launch.

Image of the AJB Joinery website homepage at time of launch.

Business Card Design & Print

We designed and printed some business cards for Allan that make good use of his new brand identity. These cards feature stunning and original photography shot in Allan's workshop along with a beautiful spot UV varnish in the shape of the leaves graphic that resides within the AJB Joinery logo. The combination of the photography, graphics and printing processes gives these business cards a prestigious and professional touch.

I cannot recommend Michael enough. I have recently had a new web site, and my logo redesigned. Making bespoke furniture I am a perfectionist and needed the website to show this. Michael had a complete understanding of my hopes and my customer base building and advising on every detail to end with exactly the site I was hoping for. I am now in control of my own website and can edit as my business changes. Above and beyond my expectations, great experience from start to finish.
— Allan John Ball

Visit the live website www.ajbjoinery.co.uk

Rachel and Mike from Collett Creative. Website Design in Bury St Edmunds.

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