Curry with Love Product Photos + Commerce Website Design & Build

We were asked by Curry with Love to produce some product photographs and build them a new commerce website for their fantastic curry kits and curry gifts.

Website design and build for Curry with Love.


We began by sitting down with business owner Clare and discussing her needs.

Having an initial meet and discussion with a client is crucial when embarking on a website build. We have to find out exactly what the client wants their site to do for them and their customers. We also must decide at this point what platform is going to suit theirs and the businesses requirements.

We primarily build sites on Squarespace and are experts in the platform, but sometimes a persons/companies website requirements are just not appropriate for Squarespace. If this is the case, we pass on the job and recommend a vendor and platform that will be more suited to their needs.

Having completed are meeting with Clare it was clear that Squarespace was going to be a good fit for her business moving forward and agreed to proceed with the work.

Product Photography

Before we could begin building the site, we needed to start shooting Clare's curry kits and gifts. We wanted to get a few done so we could make more informed choices in regards to the website look and feel.

Light Tents

Light Tent setup in the studio

Light Tent setup in the studio

The packs were a little tricky to shoot. The shiny plastic wrappers made reflections and specular highlights an issue. After a bit of experimenting In the end, we opted to use a light tent to photograph the packs.

A light tent helps to reduce reflections as the subject sits entirely within the light tent itself. Any light shining on the packs gets diffused from all angles through the fabric of the tent which is particularly useful when you are shooting highly reflective services such as glass, metal or in this case very shiny plastic.

We shot a few packs and sent them over to the client to make sure they were happy with the results before proceeding to shoot the remaining curry kits and gift packs.

Below you can see the final result of a pack photographed in the light tent, and after we did apply post-production editing in Adobe Photoshop.

Curry Kit Pack Shot on white (a lot of shiny plastic).

Curry Kit Pack Shot on white (a lot of shiny plastic).

A Big Problem!

During the process of shooting the packs, our client had a critical issue with their current website. Their existing website had broken, and the client was no longer receiving orders from customers. Clare phoned us up and asked if we could begin work on the site as soon as possible and get in up and running as quickly as possible.

Even though Clare kindly was not expecting us to start work on the new website straight away appreciating we had other client work to do, we felt with the business losing orders and possibly customers we needed to act fast and make the new site build a priority.

The Website Design and Build

We began work as soon as we got off the phone with Clare. We prioritised getting products and necessary information onto the site, and within a little over 48 hours, we had designed, built and populated a new website for Clare.

Of course, the site was not complete, and there were more pages and information to add. We were using some of Clare's old product photos as we had not finished photographing all the curry kits at that time. However, we were able to get the bare bones of the website up and running and all of Clares products on the site so she could begin retaking orders. And sure enough, as soon as the new website went live product orders started flowing in again.

Yotpo Reviews

On the old site, Clare was using Yotpo to collect reviews from her customers and had built up a large number of testimonials over the life of the website. Clare did not want to lose these with the development of her new site and asked us if we could add them to the new website. 

After a bit of research and getting to know the Yotpo system and interface we were able to implement Clares existing reviews into her new site and even improve the way Yotpo was working. We also added individual review forms to each product using the products SKU codes.

Adding Yotpo code.

Yotpo reviews on the new website.

Finishing Up The Product Photos

We then returned to finishing off the product photos and adding these to the new website.

Website home page (desktop view) as it was at website launch in November 2017.

Website home page (desktop view) as it was at website launch in November 2017.

Website being viewed on a laptop computer.

Website being viewed on a laptop computer.

Shopping for Curry Kits.

Shopping for Curry Kits.

Checking out.

Checking out.

What's next?

Now the website was up and running and the product photos photographed and uploaded, all that was left to do was to tidy the website, add more content, organise mailing lists, do some basic SEO on the site and of course give Clare the training and support she needed to begin running the site herself.

To view the site, please visit

Squarespace and the client

We are currently in the process of training Clare, and she has taken to the Squarespace website platform very well. It is pleasing for us to see clients become empowered in this way and take complete control and ownership of their website.

Clare now owns her site in its entirety. Clare has no one managing or hosting it for her. No one to let her down or be unavailable to her when she needs help. Clare has support from us and also 24/7 all year-round online support from Squarespace.

Clare can now focus on running her business and stop worrying about whether her website is going to continue working or not. We love that Squarespace gives our customers peace of mind.

I met Michael and Rachel a few years back and had followed their work with other customers since they set up Collett Creative. I was impressed by the quality of their work and the attention to detail. When I needed urgent help with my website, I asked Michael if he could help.

My old website had been running okay for a couple of years, but it was an American platform, and I was getting complaints from my customers, who had much difficulty when trying to check out. This continued for a few weeks until, in the end, we were not getting any sales. Basically, the checkout process had failed and we were losing money daily.

I explained the situation to Michael, who kindly said that he would work on building us a whole new website. True to his word, within 48hrs, the new website was up and running. I was so grateful that Michael had helped us in what was a very stressful period.

Michael spent time talking me through the new website and made sure I was comfortable with using it before he handed the reins over to me.

Collett Creative also took the new product shots of our Curry Kits and I was really pleased with the results.

I feel that our brand has a classy edge to it now, and that is thanks to the hard work of Collect Creative. I would recommend them to anyone in the market for design, photography, website build etc...
— Clare Bennett-Smith, Curry with Love

Rachel and Mike from Collett Creative. Website Design in Bury St Edmunds.

If you are interested in learning more about Squarespace or need help with a Squarespace website, please feel free to get in touch with us anytime. We are here give transparent help and advice.