Product Photography for Country Shades

Over the last few months, Rachel and I have been photographing lampshades for Country Shades. The project was vast with a large number of lamp shades of all styles, sizes and designs to shoot.

Some of the many lampshades waiting to be photographed.

Some of the many lampshades waiting to be photographed.

We photographed lampshades on white backgrounds in our studio for the Country Shades website along with some still life photographs which we shot on site for printed marketing materials.

Over the course of the photoshoot, we stored the lamps in our spare room. As we shot the lampshades, we returned them to Louise the customer and picked up new lampshades.

As of now we are not able to show all the images that we photographed as the client is still in the process of releasing them but here are some examples below of some of the pictures we took along with a short video that I made while setting up to shoot the lamps in our studio.

Still Life Product Photography for a magazine article.

Product Photography for a balloon shade on a sky background.

Collett Creative couldn’t be more helpful. They are happy to work with you, whatever size business you are, to develop your brand at your own pace! Their professionalism, passion and knowledge make them a great team to work with, and I would recommend them to anyone.
— Louise Bradley | Country Shades

Rachel and Mike from Collett Creative,  Website Design  in  Bury St Edmunds

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