Why we use Brand Boards?

I wanted to write a quick blog post to discuss why we tend not to create corporate guides anymore for our clients an instead opt for a brand board instead.

To start with let me quickly explain what corporate guidelines are and why you might need them.

Corporate Guidelines, what are they?

Corporate Branding Guide, sometimes referred to as Corporate Guidelines is a document, a guide that sets out how a corporate identity or brand identity should be used correctly across different printed and online marketing materials.

Simply put, this kind of guide lets users of a particular identity know how to apply logos and assets to printed materials or web pages that keeps the integrity of the original identity design intact.

So the guide might say things like:

  • Don't stretch the logo.
  • Don't change the logo colour.
  • Only use this font for body text in brochures.
  • Please use images of a particular style.

Corporate guides vary in length and complexity depending on the identity itself, and it intended usage.

A Lot of Work!

Corporate guides are a lot of work to produce in detail and are expensive to create. In reality, unless you are creating an identity that is going to used by a large number of different people both inside and possibly outside the organisation a highly detailed guide of identity do's and don't's is just not needed in our opinion.

Simplify with a Brand Board

I got the idea for creating brand boards from an American designer who was doing something similar and decided it would be a good idea for our clients.

I used to create Style Tiles for website projects rather than creating a whole page design mockup for a home page, about page etc... Brand boards in my mind are quite similar to Style Tiles in many ways as they are a boiled down version of the key design elements. I liked to think of them as a design brand cheat sheet.

Below is an example of a recently designed brand board. As you can see, it shows all of the primary uses of the logo, colours and fonts condensed down into one handy sheet. I have also produced a negative version to reveal the identity used in reverse on dark shades.

Example of Positive Brand Board.

Example of Positive Brand Board.

Example of Negative Brand Board.

Example of Negative Brand Board.

With this sheet, clients have a simple reference document that shows many of the possible uses for their identity without the need for an expensive and lengthy corporate guidelines document.


If you would like to learn more about logo design and identity design or have a project, you would like us to help you with please get in touch with us.