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Beautiful, unique graphic design and printed deliverables that will communicate professionalism, build trust and generate business.

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Identity Design and Logo Design in Bury St Edmunds

What you get when you hire a professional logo designer in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk?

What Do You Get from Us?

Memorable and unique brand identity design for your business, service or product.

A visual identity design created to communicate and engage with your target audience.

Michael has been absolutely brilliant and patient as we’ve had a lot of bumps in the road while opening. He designed all our branding which looks amazing and can’t wait to have Rachel down to do the photography of our cakes. I would highly recommend them as they really invest in their work and clients. Michael talked me through every bit of the process and made my vision into reality. It’s nice to work with a team as caring, knowledgeable and as talented as these two. We look forward to continuing our work together!
— Sonya Jacobs | Rubys Cupcakes

How We Work

We are never going to rush you or make you feel under pressure to make decisions about your visual identity design.

Our job is to help, support and collaborate with you to create an identity that works for your business, builds trust with potential clients and ultimately increases sales of your product or service.

We collaborate with our clients and choose to work with them rather than for them.

We will take our time. We are not interested in taking on work with tight deadlines. That would be foolish and would always result in a poorly thought out and executed visual identity design.

We also understand that you may have commitments and time constraints and will always do our very best to find a solution that suits everyone.

Our Process

1. Meeting & Consultation

We sit down with you and discuss your business at length. Your story, goals and aspirations. We will review your requirements and talk about possible directions for the project.

2. Design Brief

We will supply you with a written design brief outlining the work we will do, the steps we will take and costs involved.

3. Research

We will research your industry and competitors and review any marketing research you have.

4. Mood Boards

With your help, we will create several mood boards to help us find design inspiration for our concepts.

5. Sketching

Ideas and concepts the old-fashioned way. Using a pencil and paper is by far still the most effective way to quickly visualise possible design solutions. We will do a lot of sketching and consider many possibilities.

6. Concepts

We will present up to three design concepts with digital mockups for you to look over and consider. We will take our time and never rush this stage of the project. If we need to explore further ideas, we will until we all agree on the design direction we want to take.

7. Design Development

We will develop the chosen identity concept creating a logo, logo variants, colour palettes, selecting typefaces and creating additional icons and graphics until the process is complete and we have a fully formed visual identity.

8. Finalising

We will finalise the identity design and generate final digital design files. We will produce brand boards and create artwork for any required digital or printed deliverables. We will manage the printing process of any printed items and deliver final printed materials to you.

9. Next Steps & Other Media

We will discuss with you following steps for your visual identity design including the creation of supporting media such as websites, photography and video.

Designers Sketch Pad and Pen on Table.

How much will your logo design or brand identity design cost in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk?

How much will it cost?

View our prices and please get in touch with us to obtain a fully comprehensive quote.

Brand Identity Design
Prices start at £1,250*

What's Included

  • All research, consultations and meetings.
  • Full design process including mood boards, design concepts and mockups.
  • Development of concepts and ideas into a finished fully formed visual identity design.
  • Formulation and completion of design and the supply of artwork files in various industry standard formats.
  • Print management for printed deliverables.
  • Brand boards for reference.

*Further information

Costs do vary on identity projects depending on the creative direction taken and the supporting deliverables required.

All costs will be quoted in full before any work commences.

All quotes will be treated as estimates and may not include all costings required for your project e.g. fonts, stock imagery and software.

We will require a 50% deposit of the quoted costs before any work can proceed.

*This one is important...

We require clients to acquire a minimum of two printed deliverables as part of an identity design project.

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